The Club Managers Association of Europe (CMAE) is a non-profit making professional association with members involved in the management of sports clubs (golf, tennis, sailing and other sports), health & fitness clubs, leisure, city and dining clubs located throughout Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

The CMAE is also a pan-European ‘unifying’ organisation for a variety of national professional associations for club managers and secretaries. National associations can affiliate with the CMAE, thereby giving their membership access to CMAE education programmes, international activities and events

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MDP - Management Development Programme

The CMAE’s Management Development Programme (MDP) is the result of over 10 years of work by a dedicated group of club managers, educationalist and leading industry figures worldwide, to whom the CMAE and the club industry owe a debt of gratitude.

The CMAE MDP is a series of courses and learning opportunities designed not only for those working as club general managers, club secretaries and in other senior positions at sports, city and business clubs today, but also for those who aspire to these roles in the future. Whether you are a student leaving university seeking a career in club management, or an established business manager seeking a new challenge in the club industry, the CMAE Management Development Programme is for you.

MPD - Management Development Programme

In order to supplement the existing skillsets of club managers, the CMAE has developed five classroom-based courses, each of which will be of 5 days duration (monday to friday).

These courses Are:

1.MDP - part 1 club operations
2.MDP - part 2 building & managing the club team
3.MDP Golf operations
4.MDP Food and Beverage management
5.MDP Strategy and Leadership

The first two – CMAE club management parts one and two – cover all ten core competencies, to ensure that those who complete these courses will understand the broad range of issues that a club manager must know.

CMAE golf management and CMAE food & beverage management explore their named subjects more deeply and comprehensively and follow on from the first two courses in a logical learning progression. This pathway therefore will lead club managers from the point at which they enter the profession with some knowledge, through to the outcome where they are wellinformed and well-educated club managers.

MDP strategy & leadership, concentrates on the club manager as a leader and enable attendees to develop their strategic thinking and planning and to equip themselves as leaders in their clubs and in the profession.

In short, this is a structured and comprehensive education programme for club managers.

We foresee club managers perhaps taking one course a year, or every other year, fitting in with the demands of their job, and it will be possible therefore for a manager to complete the programme of all five courses over a period of 5-6 years.

Read more about MDP: www.cmaeurope.org/education/mdp

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Clubhouse Europe is the magazine of the CMAE and features all the latest club news along with a number of thought provoking articles from club managers and industry professionals. All members of the CMAE receive a hard copy of the magazine free of charge.

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